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My Talent Profile

Clients Like You Because: You are dependable, responsible, and a strong team player, your clients can count on you to help them meet their goals and lend a helping hand in times of need. Using persuasion as a way to influence others, you clearly outline the benefits and features of new initiatives you are implementing. Driven internally to be the best, you use your competitive drive to succeed in your job and establish high performance expectations. You look at life through a positive lens and face negativity head-on.

Clients Need you Because You Have Strengths Which Will Help Them: Through your caring approach, people feel comfortable confiding in you and often look to you for advice and guidance in resolving issues in both their personal and professional lives. Your positive energy in contagious and motivates others to display the same "can do" attitude. Competitive in your approach, you work tenaciously to accomplish your and look for ways in which you can set the bar higher and achieve continued success is your consulting career with GETYASOME Safety LLC.

What Clients Expect of You: Continue to set the bar high when establishing goals do that you can achieve success and stretch yourself to achieve more. Solicit ideas from others for processes or procedures that you can implement in order to maximize your effectiveness and increase your productivity. Talk about the value of teamwork with other clients, encouraging them to help one another in times of need, especially in working together to achieve a common goal. Discuss the mission of GETYASOME Safety LLC with clients and help them realize how their efforts will contribute to the success of their company.


Safety Consulting

  • Industrial Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Construction Safety