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"I have worked with Jim for the last four years and he is one of the best safety professionals that I been around in my 40 years in the paper industry. He takes a “helper” mentality and works with the operations teams to develop common sense approach to insure we can safely accomplish the tasks before us. I highly recommend Jim and promise you will not be disappointed." ~ Senior Manager - Engineering Services at Graphic Packaging International.



"Jim has much knowledge in his field. This guy also has a big heart willinhg to help those that stand in need at any given time. Thankful too that he keeps a good attitude about his work as a professional in his field of work but can relate to those that just needs a strong shoulder to lean on. Keep up the good work Jim. God bless." ~ President at Hope Street Ministries and Safety Champion at Graphic Packaging International.

"Jim provided excellent leadership to our safety program. He's an organized individual with a wealth of knowledge concerning worker's compensation, safety systems, regulations and implementation of programs. I highly recommend Jim." ~ Retired Vice President and Mill Manager.

"I hired Jim as the Safety Manager while I was with Rock-Tenn in Hodge, LA and would recommend him to anyone seeking a professional safety resource. Jim is extremely knowledgeable in his field and can apply this knowledge to both the day-to-day issues as well as the strategic planning of safety in an organization. Given the opportunity I would hire Jim again to lead safety." ~ Director Human Resources, Pulp/Paper/Tissue US at Resolute Forest Products.

"I was fortunate to work with Jim on several projects. These projects were focused on improving aspects and processes. Jim was one of the most valuable team members as he brought his analytical and problem solving skills to each meeting ready to engage and/or challenge the team. Jim also had the Leadership ability to refocus the team when necessary. His communications abilities helped the team take steps forward in between meetings either through coaching, friendly competition, or timeline reminders. I would recommend Jim Small to lead initiatives for any organization that is looking for forward progress. Jim is creative and has great people skills which allow him to connect well to his colleagues, managers, and subordinates." ~ Senior Supply Quality Engineer at 3M.

"I have known Jim Small several years and have had the opportunity to work closely with him on various safety/industrial hygiene projects. Jim has always been enthusiastic and professional in addressing safety-related issues. I value Jim’s experience and look forward to future opportunities to work with him in the safety, industrial hygiene and training fields." ~ Owner at OCCU-TEC.

"I worked with Jim Small in a self led group that determined our own goals. Jim was a big support in keeping the group motivated and focused. His positive attitude and goal oriented style included stopping a conversation and asking everyone what was the intended outcome of the discussion was, making sure that what we were discussing had a plausible impact and goal. Jim was easy to get along with, without going easy on anyone. He seemed to go out of his way to ask the difficult and uncomfortable questions without pointing fingers or singling out a person. Focusing instead on behaviors based on work instructions and company culture. His focus was always geared toward safety and the impacts of safety, but has a broad view and was able to input on many other subjects. Jim didn't try to play a mentor to me, but non-the-less affected my focus and led me to think about things in different ways." ~ Senior Account Representative at Lincoln Industries.

"I worked with Jim for 3 years at Lincoln Industries. I always appreciated Jim's common sense, risk-based approach to safety improvement. Jim understands that world-class safety is not achieved through the bureaucratic enforcement of a set of rules. It is achieved by creating a culture where everyone has an on-going awareness and concern for their safety and the safety of those around them. Jim is successful because he genuinely cares about the people he works with. His motivation comes not from trying to "make the numbers" but from not wanting to see the people he works with get hurt." ~ Statistician at GSK.

"James was instrumental in helping the maintenance department understand the value of safety with regards to employee safety and company value of safety programs. He provided substantive training to all employees and helped bring Farmland Safety program to a functioning, valuable department." ~ Compliance Manager at Tecumseh Poulty.

"I have worked with Jim for the past five years and found Jim to be a very down to earth, detailed person, who really has a passion for Safety and Security. Jim did a great job of helping our company improve ISO audit results by working preventive actions, training supervisors in manufacturing areas what to look for and by instilling an accountability for safety throughout the organization. I recommend Jim to any company wishing to make significant improvements in the areas of Safety and Security." ~ Business Owner.

"During James tenure as the Safety Manager at Farmland in Crete, his attention to detail paved the way for our excellent safety record in Processing. Several of our departments achieved 100,000 plus hours of operation without an OHSA recordable incident, records that still stand today in the plant today. James' diligence to safety help lead the plant in attaining several goals within the company and I would recommend his services to anyone." ~ Retired at Smithfield Foods.

"James was a client of mind while he was at Vermeer Manufacturing. I have found James to be thoughtful and solution oriented in the safety field. He has a great respect for relationship building and understands what it takes to build a world class safety culture." ~ Regional HSE Manager at Siegwerk USA.

"James is a detail orientated very professional person to work with. He has alot of knowledge pertaining to the safety field and is also very personable and fun to work with." ~ Business Development Manager at Process Marketing Group.

"I've known Jim for over 10 years, and became very confident in his abilities while working with him in our safety department. He is not afraid to attack root causes of safety challenges, along with being proactive in recognizing hazards before someone has a chance to get injured by them. I respect his proven ability to bring measurable results and create a safer workplace, while at the same time having a great sense of humor and being fun to work with. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jim again anytime!" ~ Retired Nurse, former Nebraska State Senator.


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